The bright morning starre: or, The resolution and exposition of the 22. Psalme

preached publikely in foure sermons at Lincolne. By John Smith preacher of the citie.

Publisher: Printed by Iohn Legat, Printer to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge. And are to be solde at the signe of the Crowns in Pauls Churchyard [in London] by Simon Waterson in [Cambridge]

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  • Sermons, English -- 17th century.

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Other titlesResolution and exposition of the 22. Psalme.
SeriesEarly English books, 1475-1640 -- 1693:12.
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INTRODUCTION TO SECOND SAMUEL In this chapter are recorded the last words of David under a divine inspiration, 2 Samuel ; and an account is given of his great men, famous for warlike exploits, particularly of three mighty men who did very marvellous things, 2 Samuel ; and of two others next unto them, which belonged to another class of three, 2 Samuel ; and then of thirty one. The star had left them a great while, yet now returns. They who follow God in the dark shall find that light is sown, is reserved, for them. Israel was led by a pillar of fire to the promised land, the wise men by a star to the promised Seed, who is himself the bright and morning Star, Rev. The morning prayer is the best In the morning God gave various gifts. First, the manna, Exo , And in the morning the dew lay round about the host: He who is in the camp of God, and bravely fights, receives from God dew and consolation, if in the morning, that is, in the beginning of temptation, he prays. In the evening flesh was given. Browse through our list of literary devices and literary terms with definitions, examples, and usage tips. Explore each device in depth through literature.

The word Psalm is Greek, as is Psaltery; the Hebrew term for a Psalm is mizmor, whereas Psaltery is termed nebel, which has ten strings, as is evident from Psalm The Book of Psalms is called in Hebrew sepher thehillim, that is, the book of hymns or of praises; we can see why these names are often confused, although Saint Jerome in. AN EXPOSITION OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION (Installment Four & Five) Letters to the Churches of the Province of Asia. In the preceding studies of this series we have simply looked at preliminary material and at the first section of the Book of Revelation, chapter 1. For two studies we shall look at the second section of the book, chapters 2 and 3.

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The bright morning starre: or, The resolution and exposition of the Psalme preached publikely in foure sermons at Lincolne. By John Smith preacher of the citie. The bright morning starre: or, The resolution and exposition of the Psalme: preached publikely in foure sermons at Lincolne.

By John Smith preacher of the citie by John Smyth (). Gill's Notes on the Bible. I Jesus have sent mine angel.As John, the writer of this book, sets down his own name, who was an eye and ear witness of the things contained in it, that they might be more surely believed, Revelation so Christ, the author of it, puts his name Jesus to it, to engage the greater attention to hear and read, and keep the words of it, as well as to make it plain.

If Psalm was fulfilled in Jesus’ ministry as He claimed (Mark ), so also was Psalm the great and momentous day the Lord had made, the day the Psalmist calls his hearers to celebrate, is the prophetic day when God exalted Jesus, rejected by the chief priests, as the cornerstone of His new temple (cf.

Eph. Assuming therefore the later date to be accurate, the circumstances remind us of his father’s example—the one writing a Psalm (Ps. ) the other a Book—as a solemn and perpetual testimony in the face of the Church of their godly repentance.

Exposition - Explanatory Notes and Quaint Sayings Hints to the Village Preacher We are almost at the last Psalm, and still among the Hallelujahs. This is "a new song", evidently intended for the new creation, and the men who are of new is such a song as may be sung at the coming of the Lord, when the new dispensation shall bring overthrow to the wicked and honour to all the saints.

The Psalm seems to us to describe either David or some other man of God who was appointed' by the divine choice to a high and honourable office in Israel. This elect champion found himself rejected by his friends and fellow-countrymen, and at the same time violently opposed by his enemies.

Exposition - Explanatory Notes and Quaint Sayings Hints to the Village Preacher TITLE. To the Chief Musician, a Psalm or Song of David. We have already said enough upon this title when dealing with Psalms 65 and An illustration of an open book.

Books. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video. An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio. An illustration of a " floppy disk.

Software. An illustration of two photographs. Full text of "The way of holiness, an exposition of Psalm cxix. --John Barton, in "The Book of Psalms in English Verse: a New Testament Paraphrase, " Verse 6.

"Stood, ""fled, ""hasted away." The words of the psalm put the original wondrous process graphically before the eye. The change of tense, too, from past to present, in verses 6, 7, 8, is expressive, and paints the scene in its progress. B. The psalmist reveals the resolution of Yahweh to set His king on Mount Zion C.

The psalmist reveals the affirmation of the King to show by what right he rules D. The psalmist exhorts the foolish nations to submit to the Son lest his wrath be kindled quickly Book One: David's Conflict With Saul. III. Psalm Verses Zayin Verse 49 — Exposition; Notes; EXPOSITION VERSE 49 This octrain deals with the comfort of the word.

It begins by seeking the main consolation, namely, the Lord's fulfilment of his promise, and then it shows how the word sustains us under affliction, and makes us so impervious to ridicule that we are moved by the harsh conduct of the wicked rather to horror of.

Verse The stone. The head stone of the corner. Christ Jesus is a stone: no firmness, but in him. A fundamental stone: no building, but on him. A corner stone: no piecing nor reconciliation, but in him. James Ford, Verse The stone which the builders rejected, etc.

To apply it to Christ, "The Stone" is the ground of all. Two things. Psalm I will bless the Lord at all times — I will never forget to bless God for this miraculous deliverance. My soul shall make her boast, &c. — Shall glory in this, that I have so powerful and gracious a Lord and Master.

The humble shall hear — Or the meek, that is, the righteous; and be glad — Both from their love to me, and the public good, which they know that I design and. Psalm 71 Exposition Explanatory Notes and Quaint Sayings Hints to the Village Preacher Other Mat ;Mat ' KJV King James Version.

NKJV New King James Version. NLT New Living Psalm, and that he wrote it in his extreme age, and but a little while before he died.

The line which follows the next Psalm, and closes the second book. An Exposition of the Twenty-third Psalm. By THOMAS DALE, M.A., Canon Residentiary of St, Paul's, London. 12mo. The Shepherd King; or Jesus seen in the Life of David. Designed for the Young. By the Authoress of "The Folded Lamb." {Mrs.

Rogers.} 12mo. The Song of Christ's Flock in the Twenty-third Psalm. By JOHN STOUGHTON. 12m0. And he had in his right hand seven stars: the right hand is the hand of power, Psalm ; and of favour, Psalm ; and of honour and dignity, Psalm The seven stars are expounded, Revelationto be the ministers of the gospel, his messengers to his churches, who having in all times been most exposed to the malice and rage of enemies, Christ is said to hold them in his right hand.

An Exposition of Psalm XIX. Hulsean Lectures for On the Proofs of Divine Power and Wisdom, derived from the Study of Astronomy: and on the Evidence, Doctrines, and Precepts of Revealed Religion.

By the Rev. TEMPLE CHEVALIER, M.A. ["The Nineteenth Psalm has been adopted as the model for the arrangement of the first twelve Lectures.". A psalm to David, i.

belonging to him as the author, just as. it belonged to the chief musician, as the performer. The original expres-sion is the same in both cases. Of David conveys the sense correctly, but.

is rather a paraphrase than a translation. 2 (1). The psalm opens with a prayer for deliverance founded on pre-VER. 2, 3.]. Psalm Verses Ayin Verse — Exposition; Notes; KJV NKJV NLT NIV ESV CSB NASB. NET RSV ASV YLT DBY WEB HNV Yet as the sun on summer days appears to gladden us with beams more warm and bright than at other times, and as rivers are at certain seasons swollen with the rain, and as the atmosphere itself on occasions is fraught.

1) Letter (w/ KWO submitted no later than Sunday night) Write a 3-paragraph Christmas letter to a loved one. Make sure you use proper let. The fear of the Lord, so often recommended in this book (Pr29,27,33,) is not that fear which hath torment in it, and is excluded by love; but that fear which is joined with faith, and keeps it from degenerating into presumption, whilst faith keeps fear from sinking into.

The book opens with the Blessed Man of Psalm 1 and closes with the Betrayed Man of Psalm Psalm 41 is an example of a psalm in which only one verse is definitely Messianic. Verse 9 was quoted by our Lord in John and applied to Judas Iscariot. TITLE.—This Psalm is headed "To the Chief Musician upon Sheminith, a Psalm of David," which title is identical with that of the sixth Psalm, except that Neginoth is here have nothing new to add, and therefore refer the reader to our remarks on the dedication of Psalm Sheminith signifies the eighth, the Arabic version says it is concerning the end of the world, which shall be.

The Psalm stands nearly related to the lxxiv.; the situation is the same, and they come a good deal in contact as regards the expression. Both Psalms refer to the Chaldean invasion. The Psalm before us proceeds on the supposition that the seventy- fourth had been previously composed, and supplements it.

Psalm cxix. every morning to meditate upon, and so go. over the Psalm twice in a year:' and 'that' said he 'will bring you to be in love with all the rest of the Scrip- * Such as way, law, judgments, words, statutes, commandments, precepts, testimonies, righteousness, truth.

Contempt of the law originates in this, that few have any regard for God; and hence, the Scripture, in condemning the impiety of men, declares that they have forgotten God, (Psalm ; Psalm ; Psalm ). To rectify this, David exhorts that the remembrance of God is the only remedy for preserving us hi his fear, and in the observance.

A new interpretation of the Sixty-eighth Psalm. To which is added, an Exposition of the Hundred and tenth Psalm, proposed in a Sermon, preached before the University of Oxford, at St.

Mary's, on Sunday, Octo By the Rev. Richard Dixon, A.M., F.R.S. Oxford, [4to.]. Whole Psalm.—The reader is reminded of James Montgomery's hymn, beginning, "Hail to the Lord's Anointed;" it is a very beautiful versification of this Psalm, and will be found in "Our Own Hymn Book," No.

Verse 1.—"Give the king thy judgments, O God." Right and authority to. "Good News from Canaan; or, An Exposition on the 51 Psalme," in "The Workes of Mr. William Cowper, late Bishop of Galloway." (Folio.) "David's Repentance; or, A plaine and familiar Exposition of the LI.

Psalme: first preached, and now published for the benefit of God's church. Wherein euery faithful Christian may set before his eyes the. The Charles Spurgeon Sermon Collection is home to over 3, sermons written by C.H.

Spurgeon () over the course of his ministry in London during the 19th century, transcribed from manuscripts edited by Emmett O'Donnell.After the title of the book, which describes the author of it, by his office, as a preacher; by his descent, as the son of David; and by his dignity, king in Jerusalem, Ecclesiastes ; the principal doctrine insisted on in it is laid down, that the world, and all things in it, are most vain things, Ecclesiastes Which is proved in general, by the unprofitableness of all labour to attain.This st Psalm in a way is an exposition of the Mosaic passage!

By the way, the PERFECT King has not yet come in all His glory! That's King Jesus! But He is coming! And when HE gets here, He will fulfill this Psalm in a way it's never been fulfilled before!